AP EXAM 2020

The Collegeboard has changed the exam dates and formats for AP exams 2020. In this page, your can find the detail information about the change and get some hints for how to prepare your exam. 

The contents in this page keep continuously being updated. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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- Online based free response questions.
Students can use any electric device, such as computers, tables, or smartphones. I recommend that students use a device with larger screen like a computer or a tablet instead of a smartphone. In addition, It could be a good idea to prepare at least two devices just in case one is not working properly. The collegeboard will announce how to use those devices to access exam site with video demonstration at the end of April.  

-45 minutes long
Students have 45 minutes total for one or two questions for most AP exams this year. There will be two questions for AP CALCULUS, AP PHYSICS, AP CHEMISTRY and AP PSYCHOLOGY. You have the first 25 minutes for the first question and 5 minute for uploading your response will follow. Next 15 minutes for the second question and you will have additional 5 minutes to upload your work for the question.

- Exam dates
The official exam dates are from May 11 through May 22. Students can choose the make-up exam dates from June 1 through June 5 if they can not take exam on the official dates. Exam will be take at the same time all around world. So, you must check right time schedule depending on your time zone.
- Open Book/Open Note
Yes. It will be open book and open note exam. You should know, in general, open book exam is more difficult than normal closed book exams. You must prepare your own digested summary notes before exam. If you just pile up all your resouces beside you, then you can not use them properly during the exam.

- Cheating?????
DON’T EVEN THING ABOUT IT! This is kind of plan B for the emergency situation due to the outbreak of covid-19. It is impossible for them to be prefect, although they will do their best to prevent students from cheating. Under this kind of situation, they will rather assume the worst, than give the benefit of the doubt. It means they will treat it as a cheating if a student do any “suspicious” act during the exam. So, don’t even thing about it and do’n’t do any unnecessary things that may get their attention.

So, What is Wissen doing for new AP Exam?

It is not a chaos at all to Wissen Learning. Since the collegeboard cancelled SAT exam due to the outbreak of covid-19, Wissen Learning teachers predicted the change of AP exam and began to prepare about it. The announced final format of AP exam is not significantly different from our prediction and we've well prepared a guideline to teach students  for the new AP exam. We've also been preparing new online course for cramming each course. We will update the information about the cram courses soon. Stay tuned and contact us if you are interested in the cram course from us.

info@wissen.ca, 604-563-8505

Last modified: Sunday, 12 April 2020, 12:58 AM